SEATTLE: Availability & How To Book a Session

Appointment availability is released weekly - typically 2 weeks out. This means our calendar for Seattle will only show up to 14 days out maximum at a time. For example, if today is January 1st our calendars will only show up to January 14th. This is why nothing further is appearing in our calendars. If a date is greyed out this means we are not available that day. If a calendar states “no appointments are available this month” this means we are not available for the next 14 days out, and are most likely traveling or unavailable.

Currently, sessions in Seattle are by appointment only. Each session allows for one aura portrait during your session. If you’d like to have more than one portrait taken, simply purchase the corresponding number of sessions back to back (i.e. two portraits will require the booking of two sessions). 

Each AURA AURA Session Includes:

  • One instant film portrait of you in your aura

  • A color guide informational card

  • Box to store your portrait for safekeeping

  • A brief personalized interpretation of your aura colors

All session purchases are final. We unfortunately cannot accommodate reschedules, cancellations, refunds, or no shows. Like a concert or special event ticket, we are unable to transfer your session to a later date or provide a credit. If for any reason you're unable to make it to your time slot, you're more than welcome to send a friend in your place. Please be sure to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time.

Friends, Couples, Groups and Pets

For those interested in friends or couples portraits - we are able to accommodate up to 2 people per photo. This means 1 session = 1 photo with 2 people in the portrait together. If you are coming with a group of more than 3 people for individual sessions, please email Alex at to schedule your group.

At this time, we unfortunately do not take portraits of animals or pets.

Preparing For Your Session

The portrait we create captures your energy in the present. Whatever you are experiencing in your life, will show up. We recommend coming in when you are well rested, and feeling like your normal self. If you are exhausted, not feeling well, or under the influence of consciousness altering substances, your energy will reflect the state you are in, and this can show up in the photograph. When you are lower energy ( i.e. overworked, exhausted, sick ) it's very likely that your aura colors will not be as bright or as saturated, and the photograph will look dark which is just the black background - see this example. Since every shot we take literally counts, we unfortunately are unable to retake your portrait in these instances.

Handling Your Aura Portrait

Make sure you allow your portrait to dry flat in the box provided for 30-60 minutes. If anything touches the wet surface of the instant film once we peel apart the instant film, including fingers or the inside of the box top, it can stick to the photograph and ruin it. We are not accountable for anything that happens to your portrait once it’s in your hands. 

Since our specialized camera requires us to shoot with out-of-production instant film (100 series packfilm to be exact), we are unable to provide re-do's or additional copies of your portrait. Each portrait we make is one-of-a-kind, and each shot we take literally counts! We recommend scanning your photograph after you've allowed it to fully dry, so that you have a digital copy in addition to the physical copy. 

Portraits of Children

We are happy to accommodate well-behaved children ages 5+. This is to ensure the safety of the child, as well as our camera equipment, which is incredibly fragile. Each child needs to be physically big enough to safely hold 2 large hand sensors on their lap (7" x 6" each) and then remain still for between 5-10 seconds for their portrait. The hands of children under 5 unfortunately are too small for the adult-sized hand plates, which is the reason for this age limit.

Aura Interpretation + Color Guide

An informational card is provided during your session to give insight into the general meaning of your aura colors, but we recommend you also take a look at our more extensive color guide