AURA AURA Monthly Aura Program

The AURA AURA Monthly Aura Program explores the #humanatmosphere through documentation of your auric state over the course of twelve consecutive months, as a collaborative study with Brooklyn-based, Twelve Month Aura.

Included with each Monthly Aura Program enrollment:

  • Twelve 15-minute portrait sessions, over 12 consecutive months (one session per month). Our session will include a comprehensive energy dialogue where we'll document your current life narrative and how it relates to your current auric state.
  • A hi-resolution digital scan of your aura portrait, emailed to you. This will require that you leave your portrait with us for 24 hours, and then schedule a pickup time at your convenience. 
  • Automatic inclusion in the Twelve Month Aura Project. Your monthly portraits will be hosted in our public online gallery, as part of an ongoing study of the human atmosphere.

The Twelve Month Aura Project is a collaborative effort between lifelong friends, Stephanie Gunther and Eileen Lee. Both originally from the Midwest, they share a mutual captivation with the energetic universe and its metaphysical realms. Led by the photographic documentation of Detroit-based AURA AURA, the Twelve Month Aura Project seeks to explore the expansiveness of the individual and promote conscious self-awareness through monthly aura portraits taken over the course of a year.