A series of portraits exploring time, space, and the energetic body.

We are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional universe.

We function in many different versions of reality at once. Even though we appear to be conscious only here, there are also alternative forms of there in which we experience - in physical, vibrational bodies that are every bit as real as this one.

DOUBLE VISION explores the concept that time is non-linear and that even in the present moment we are potentially existing in multiple dimensions. It also explores the idea of our multiple selves, both past and future, and the duality of our universal existence.

Through the process of taking two double exposure images layered on top of one another, these portraits go beyond the traditional aura photo, asking participants to look beyond the moment, taking into perspective how matter and energy interact in an arena of space and time.


Each DOUBLE VISION session includes:

- One instant film portrait of you (x2) in your aura(s)
- Limited Edition DOUBLE VISION informational card
- Box to store your portrait for safekeeping


*please note sessions in this portrait series do not include a verbal photo interpretation as that is not the point of these images.
however, a complete aura color + a guide can be found here on our website, if you are interested in learning more.



We will be doing a very limited preview of DOUBLE VISION on Sept. 8 at the ADULT / Universal Eyes Record Release Show at Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport in collaboration with El Club and UFO Factory. 

*please note you will need a ticket to the show - booking a session does not get you into the show sept 8th. 


DOUBLE VISION will debut as a fully immersive, visual & sonic installation at Murals in the Market Sept.13-22 in Eastern Market.